Pravar Jain - Portrait

Pravar is a multidisciplinary professional who thrives at the intersection of technology, design and business. He creatively integrates knowledge across domains to generate impactful innovations and maximise value creation.

Pravar has experience encompassing diverse knowledge realms such as Embedded Systems, Mixed Reality, Soft Robotics, UI/UX, Additive Manufacturing and Tiny Machine Learning. He has raised funding and steered projects to generate patents and top-tier publications. These works have been licensed, have garnered viral media coverage and have been showcased to VVIPs as well as at prestigious events around the world. Pravar was also on Singapore’s Frontline Innovation Taskforce that generated 3 essential COVID-19 management solutions.

Pravar advises deep-tech spin-offs on tech and product development. Back in the day, he along with his peers, ran the cash positive SIZR Studios and was also associated with Jobspire (now acquired) in its early days.

Pravar majored in Biomedical Engineering, earning a Master of Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Technology from Manipal Institute of Technology, India. He has received numerous awards for academic and service excellence.

Pravar is a wannabe chef and an ardent believer of karma